October 16,

Toyo Advanced Technologies, Hiroshima based, has developed new grinding machines including the first external grinder in the industry to meet the needs of customers, and just has put them in the market.

1. T-11LA88 Internal Grinder: This model can be converted to an external grinding machine, and an external grinding model is displayed at the show.
2. T-295 Vane Slot Grinding Machine: This machine grinds vane slot of a rotary compressor cylinder fastest in the industry.
3. T-10N17H: Honing and internal grinding are integrated into one unit.

Toyo Advanced Technologies will exhibit these three machines at 21st Japan International Machine Tool Fair, which is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Oct. 28 through Nov. 4, 2002.
We will also display part units. We have made the first development of "Intelligent Spindles" in the world. They are a high frequency wheelhead, which has a build-in temperature sensor and a high frequency wheelhead equipped with AE sensor. They are mounted on demonstration machines at the booth. Other unit pars such as "air-less" wheelhead, that is very friendly to factory working environment are also in the showcase.

Display Machine List
 T-11LA88 Internal Grinding Machine (External Grinder Model)
 T-10N17H Integrated Machine Tool
 T-295 Vane Slot Grinding Machine

Parts unit, etc.
 High frequency wheelhead equipped with a temperature sensor
 High frequency wheelhead with AE sensor built in
 High speed, Air-less wheelhead (GH series)
 Vane slot grinding head
 Boring Quill with compensation mechanism installed
 Hard coated sample products


T-11LA88 Internal Grinding Machine (External Grinder Model)

T-11LA88 Type Internal Grinder has succeeded a centerless model,T-11L88, that is one of our main products. We designed it compact at the request of bearing producing customers who are main users of centerless machines. As a result we have reduced machine floor space by 30%, and saved energy 35%(when GH series wheelhead is equipped), compared with base machine T-11L88 by mounting a cross table designed only for centerless grinders and other energy saving equipments.

Planned sales: 60 units / year, including external grinding models

The machine at the show is based on T-11LA88 internal grinder that requires less floor space and less energy, and remains competitive in price. It has been developed in order to grind the outside surface of a cage in CVJ. We have converted an internal grinder into an external one for the first time in the industry.

1. Less space: Since its base structure comes from a small internal grinder, it occupies 40% less floor space than T-235 external grinding machine, which usually grinds cages of CVJ.
2. High efficiency, high precision machining: We have installed on this model a highly rigid, high frequency wheelhead (dn value: 2.1 million), which is designed for internal grinding, making it possible to externally grind at as fast as 5,000m/min. We have accomplished 20 second cycle time (20% shorter than T-295 external grinder) by means of high-speed external grinding and helical grinding. To grind helically means that a wheelhead is tilted to a workpiece. What is more, temperature sensor is installed inside the spindle of a wheelhead for the first time in the world. We have achieved high precision machining by compensating the position of a wheelhead because of the dilation of a spindle.
3. Reducing downtime: Wheel change time is reduced because a grinding wheel on this machine is approximately one fifth of the size, compared with the one on external grinders.

T-295 vane slot grinding machine

It grinds vane slot of a cylinder used in a rotary compressor precisely and efficiently. We have worked on vane slot grinding for the first time. Newly developed vane slot grinding head has contributed to 20 second cycle time, the shortest in the industry.

1. High precision machining: We have developed a highly rigid grinding head on which wheel type grinding stone is supported by a pair of precision bearings on both sides. In addition, the grinding wheel is able to turn at 20,000rpm by being driven by a reinforced timing belt. It grinds a vane slot with great precision.
2. Productivity improves: A high speed, highly rigid wheelhead grinds fast, and 2 workhead index and a gantry loader handle one workpiece after another. These two equipments realize 20 second cycle time.
3. Running cost decreases: A reinforced timing belt and a low-friction vitrified CBN grinding stone make consumption articles last much longer. As a result, expenses of spare parts and parts replacement time is saved substantially.

Planned sales: 20 units / year

T-10N17H Integrated Grinder

Honing tool is added on the workhead of T-10N, which is popular as mass-production type internal grinding machine. We have put our competitive internal grinding technology and honing technology together into this machine. The wheelhead equipped with Acoustic Emission Sensor is mounted on the machine. The contact of a grinding stone to a workpiece is detected with the accuracy of 1μm (at 150000rmp), which was believed difficult in the past. In addition, precision parts which are used in fuel injection nozzles or oil pumps can be ground with high precision (surface roughness: 0.4μmRz or less) because a small diameter workpiece is honed and ground internally consecutively without chuck unloading.

Planned sales: 20 units / year

High frequency wheelhead equipped with temperature sensor (mounted on T-11LA88)

We have co-developed it with Dittel, German company, which is renowned for its wireless and measurement technology. The unique idea is that a temperature sensor is installed inside of the spindle. A temperature sensor was once built into the body of a wheelhead, but we are the first to install it inside the spindle. Dilation of a spindle by the heat while machining is anticipated, and the accuracy to locate the spindle improves by compensation.

High frequency wheelhead with AE sensor built in (mounted on T-10N17H)

We have developed a high frequency wheelhead (150000rpm) with AE sensor built-in together with Dittel. There is 80000rpm wheelhead with AE sensor in the market, but we believe that the world has never seen 150000rpm type wheel- head before. Generally speaking, the faster a spindle rotates, the more noise comes out of it. It was very difficult to detect the contact when a spindle turns at high speed. Accurate measurement has been made possible through combination of Toyo's spindle technology and Dittel's sensing technology. We are now able to detect the contact of grinding stone to a workpiece with the accuracy of 1μm even when a spindle turns at 150000rpm.

High speed, Air-less wheelhead

Dn value (*) 1 million is achieved on a wheelhead with grease lubrication. It was not accomplished before without oil mist lubrication activated by compressed air. It does not only improve the working conditions, but also saves energy consumption because no compressed air is needed. Newly developed self-suction air seal keeps the inside of a wheelhead air-tight, making a wheelhead durable and reliable even where coolant and small burrs are scattered in the air.

(*) dn value is the index of speed, and is expressed as follows inside diameter of bearing(mm) x rpm