December 5,
Toyo Participates In The "SEMICON Japan 2000"

Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. participates in the "SEMICON Japan 2000", an international exhibition for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials, to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, from December 6 through 8.
Toyo is widely known as a manufacturer of various machine tools. Recently, the company receives a number of inquiries for its HCT-Toyo wire saws that slice silicon ingot and other materials, reflecting active IT industry.
The company promotes three wire saws (E300G-6, E400SD, E450E-12) and one slicing machine (T-SM-300) at the show. As the newest machine E300G-6 has been made smaller by about 50% compared with the existing E450E-12, with capability to slice not only various semiconductors but also crystal, magnets and other materials, the company expects its line-up will meet increasingly diversified need of the IT-related industry.